Blog #21 – Iberdrola

Blog #21 STAR Project: a global benchmark in smart grids deployment Authors: Maria Luz Cruz AparicioIBERDROLA Context Thanks to the STAR project, Iberdrola has completed the digitisation process of its distribution network in Spain with the installation of more than 10.8 million digital meters and the infrastructure that supports them, as well as the adaptation […]

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Blog #20 REPSOL

Blog #20 Repsol develops smart energy management system that improves customer efficiency Authors: Ernesto Barrios Repsol Context Repsol’s smart energy management system could reduce energy consumption in climate control systems by up to 20% and up to 40% in cold chain logistics.  This technology, developed at the Repsol Technology Lab, will be tested in real-world

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Blog #18 – PIQUER

Blog #16 Digitalization of education and the fight against the social crisis generated by COVID-19 Authors: Guillermo Rodríguez MartínezGenoveva Ponce BuenestadoCentro de Formacion PADRE PIQUER Context We have experienced an unprecedented situation. The crisis generated by COVID-19 has generated new social difficulties and has accelerated or increased those that already existed. Undoubtedly, people at risk

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Blog #17 – RWTH

Blog #17 New digital pedagogies on the horizon: SLEW – “SECOND LIFE FOR ENERGIEWENDE” Authors: Claudia Battistelli, Antonello MontiInstitute for Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS) EON Energy Research Center (EONERC) RWTH University Aachen, Germany Context Teaching of electrical energy systems is challenging, in that it is not possible for students to directly experience their

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Blog #16 – POLIMI

Blog #16 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: THE KEY ROLE OF MOOCs Authors: Daniela Casiraghi, Bianca SantoliniPolitecnico di Milano – METID – Learning Innovation Context The debate over digital transformation has been on the table for years. But now more than ever, the push for a concrete shift is intensifying, also due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This could

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Blog #14 – FOSS

Blog #14 Optimal operation of multi-carrier local energy communities by implementing the energy hub concept Authors: L. Loizou, C. Papadimitriou, V. EfthymiouResearch Centre for Sustainable Energy – FOSS Integration of different energy infrastructures, or carriers, can offer several benefits such as better management of energy sources, higher efficiency and reduction of waste as well as

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Blog #13 – COMILLAS

Blog #13 A NEW WAVE OF AUTOMATION Authors: Álvaro López López Cátedra de Industria Conectada, ICAI – COMILLAS ICAI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is called upon to qualitatively change the economy, and society in general, during the 21st century. The appropriate adoption of AI technologies will result in advanced automation processes, in this case in combination

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Blog #12 – UCBS

Blog #12 SMART ENERGY – MASTERING THE ENERGY LANDSCAPE OF THE FUTURE Authors: Dr. Stephan Anders University of Cologne Business School Digital transformation is swiftly changing the nature of business and organisational management, while the transition to sustainable energy also creates profound shifts in both physical and economic infrastructures. One of the most pressing strategic

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Blog #11 – EWI

Blog #11 Applied data analysis for driving patterns – Anxiety about Electric Mobility Range often unsubstantiated Authors: Philipp Artur Kienscherf, Karsten Schroer, Max Gierkink, Johannes Wagner and Arne LilienkampInstitute of Energy Economics (EWI) at the University of Cologne Electrification is an important cornerstone in decarbonization. The use of sustainably generated electricity in formerly virtually dominated

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BLog #10 – EDSO

Blog #10 OneNet and WiseGrid projects Natnael Marvin Kidane – E.DSOIn recent years, the rapid development of renewable power generation has unlocked a change in the one-way street of power generation and consumption. Which leads to a more and more interconnected energy system. Therefore new cooperations and communication are needed to ensure a smooth energy

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