Welcome to EDDIE!


Thank you for your interest in becoming an EDDIE project stakeholder.
This cooperation will benefit both the EDDIE project and numerous professionals. If you want to become part of the EDDIE project you must belong to one of these stakeholder groups stated below:
  1. Industry
    • Energy (TSO, DSO, Heat and Cooling Generation, Centralised Generation, Distributed Generation, Gas System operators, Water System, Hydro Power generation, Market Operator, Utility, Retailers)
    • ICT (ICT Service Providers, ICT Technology providers)
    • Engineering & Services
    • Telecommunications and connectivity
    • Consultancies
  2. Education
    • University
    • VET School
    • Online Platform
    • Research Institute
    • In-house Training
    • Certification Authorities
    • Others
  3. Associations & Communities
    • Energy
    • Technology
    • Labour
    • Research
    • Education
    • Cooperation
  4. Individuals
    • Teacher
    • Working candidate
    • Training candidate
    • Researcher
    • Industry Executive
    • Administration Officer
    • Education Executive
  5. Administration
    • European (Industry, Education [ERASMUS], Social [H2020/HE])
    • National (Industry, Education, Social)
    • Regional (Industry, Education, Social)
    • Local (Industry, Education, Social)
 The application review process is based on the above professional matching group assessment. If you feel that your activity is in line with the above description or at least closely related, then you are most welcome to proceed with your application and fill in the relevant information for review. Alternatively, if your action is of more general interest to EDDIE project’s activities and findings then you may subscribe to our newsletter.