Sector Skills Strategy for the European Energy Sector development

The strategy will provide concrete examples of policies and initiatives at national and regional level aiming at addressing skill shortages and mismatches as well as fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships (e.g. between industry, social partners, education and training, public authorities). Training activities will be developed to meet the technical, green and digital skills defined at EQF levels 4 to 8, both for young profiles still to start their professional careers and for junior/senior professionals in the Energy sector.

Specification, conceptual design and application to the partial results compiled from other work packages.

The research is related o WP 5 and materialized in deliverable 5.1 and contains a consolidated view of the skill gaps, the stakeholders and the current policies and requirements, assessing and stressing the ones with the highest usefulness to define the BSDE and providing an initial draft view on how this can be applied to build the blueprint.

Intermediate draft templates for educational programs

This task will systematically review, assess and characterize the possible actions to be performed by the different players all across the energy value chain to foster the improvement of workforce’s skills. In addition, it is aimed at exploring these actions as well as to propose innovative dynamics to complement or boost the existing ones. Therefore, the works in the frame of this part will lead to the list and definition of specific actions that can have high impact to educate students, train professionals or raise awareness in society about the potentials and risks of generic templates for digital transformation, with special focus on energy concerns. This includes the pre-design of educational programmes and training activities, both face to face ace and online, to cover the skill gaps identified in WP2, according also to the stakeholder mapping of WP3 and to the specific requirements set in WP4.