This page is dedicated for The Blueprint and the roll-out for EDDIE

Blueprint Strategy for the Digitalisation of the Energy roll-out in a pilot demonstrator

The central pilot will be performed in the city of Aachen where the BSDE will be fully deployed addressing all the considered EQF levels and stakeholders. Moreover, pilot implementations of courses and tools at a smaller scale will be carried out by several partners. The activities will be coordinated and monitored by the educational hubs. The proposed tools, methods and courses developed will be available for the partners to integrate them in their existing educational/training frameworks (e.g. university-school curriculum, industrial training programs), allowing smooth deployment and efficient use of resources. Trainers schemes will be applied, when deemed useful, to increase the impact. Moreover, an e-learning platform will be developed that will play a key role in supporting the pilot activities and will also present the project outcomes to a wider audience and increase replicability.

Field Test Aachen

The design and implementation of the Aachen pilot are being tailored to the needs of education/training providers, the industry, and the community (both governing bodies and citizens) in terms of (re)building knowledge, competence, and skills

Field test Cologne

The piloting activities in Aachen are extended to a broader part of Germany and Europe, with additional pilots issued by the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI)

Field test Athens

Stemming from the development of the Blueprint strategy of the EDDIE project and its different elements, the piloting activities are being designed to test the applicability and relevance of the results. The activities are chosen in order to test a wide range of BSDE parts and reach a variety of target groups.

Field test Milano

This pilot action focuses on the design, development, delivery, and monitoring of massive open online courses (MOOC). The course, titled “Energy management for real estates – Fundamentals, methods and digital tools” delves into the figure of the energy manager and is targeted at all those professionals who revolve around energy management in the real estate field.

Field test Madrid

The aim of this training is to establish a complementary training module to the educational offer in Vocational Education Training (VET) at ESCUELAS PROFESIONALES PADRE PIQUER, which explicitly includes the possible restructuring of the electrical installation of a home, and the use of automation to improve energy efficiency and manage the energy consumption.

Relevant online courses

Detailed description of each trial can be found in the public deliverables below