Field Test Madrid


The aim of this training is to establish a complementary training module to the educational offer in Vocational Education Training (VET) at ESCUELAS PROFESIONALES PADRE PIQUER, which explicitly includes the possible restructuring of the electrical installation of a home, and the use of automation to improve energy efficiency and manage the energy consumption. The knowledge acquired can be applied throughout the national territory as it is based on the state regulations for the electrification of housing, and the training, as well as the model can be exported to any member country of the European Union.

Field Test Madrid

Within the EDDIE Blueprint, this pilot specifically addresses VET education (EQF 4 & 5), and in particular the adoption of new technologies in the context of domotic systems and smart homes, building new skills for electrical installers, aiming at the digitalization of energy systems, starting with the consumers (and their installations), as the center target that has to drive this transition, and setting the grounds towards transforming their households to more advance functionalities.

Home Energy Efficiency and Electrical Installations

This training develops a complementary training module to the VET offer of electrical technicians, addressing the restructuring of the electrical installation of a home, the application of energy efficiency measures, and the adoption of energy management. The training aims to fill in the current gap in the official training of general electrical installers, as tend to be mainly based on domotic systems for reducing energy consumption in air conditioning and lighting equipment, leaving aside the possible adaptation of the installation of the dwelling to improve energy consumption, the use of smart devices for continuous monitoring and control, and the training in the use of applications to allow such smart operation by both the installer and the user.
Target Group = Students, employee and /or professionals
EQF Level = 4, 5
Main stakeholders = Piquer
Part/s of Blueprint Strategy tested = Best practices, levers to reduce skills gaps, general templates.
Results delivered to EC = Teaching/learning material on electrical installations for smart homes.
Contents = VET course for electrical installators