Blog #10

OneNet and WiseGrid projects

Natnael Marvin Kidane – E.DSO
In recent years, the rapid development of renewable power generation has unlocked a change in the one-way street of power generation and consumption. Which leads to a more and more interconnected energy system. Therefore new cooperations and communication are needed to ensure a smooth energy supply. E.DSO engages with its members in various R&I projects to manage this interconnectedness, the sector integration. For this, the development of new tools and especially digital innovation are important.

WiseGrid Project

The WiseGRID project was setup to address the question of how each individual can participate in the energy market with fair conditions to be treated as equals among the actors of the energy market. The project developed 9 different tools, each concentrating on optimising specific technology. One being WiseEVP and Vehicle to grid (V2G) which support electromobility and benefit consumers in providing a good solution for increasing the use of electric cars. Another example the  WGSTAAS/VPP tool for energy storage. A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) which allows the consumers/prosumers to easily offer their unused storage capacity as a competitive total power generation product on the market.

This project successfully demonstrated how easy local communities, small business and even individual citizens can take active part on a democratic energy market. WiseGRID has set the path for future projects involving consumer engagement by contributing valuable information for developing policy guidelines on sustainable citizen-driven energy communities. WiseGRID is paving the way for improved services and attention to the customers of the DSO’s, developing scalable innovative methodologies which secure the transfer of the solutions all over Europe. The project is finalised and more information can be found at: http://www.wisegrid.eu/

OneNET Project

One other example, that is still in its infancy, is OneNet – One Network for Europe, which is building on lessons learned from several projects. It is intended as the conclusive TSO-DSO-consumer collaboration project, and will work on an integrated view of grid operations in Europe.

The project aims to create conditions for a new generation of grid services able to fully exploit flexibility services while creating fair, transparent and open conditions for the consumer. Develop a smarter and more efficient European electricity system, where market and network technical operations are reciprocally coordinated closer to real time i) among them, ii) across different countries iii) while maximizing the consumer capabilities to participate in an open market structure.

OneNet will combine a cost effective open agnostic architecture based on the concept of interoperable network of platforms with near real time multi-country coordinated operation of a variety of innovative market models and harmonized service/product. new technologies such as edge cloud technology supported by blockchain mechanisms, provides an easy, secure and geographically universal access to customer level data for operation and flexibility markets.