EDDIE project kick-off meeting

The EDDIE project held a successful kick-off meeting at organized by COMILLAS on 29 January 2020. EDDIE has started on the 1st January 2020, stretching over 4 years and a budget of 4 million euros. Project coordinator is COMILLAS – a catholic university from Madrid, Spain, with a strong experience forming students so that they obtain the skills required for professional profiles related to engineering and energy.Miguel Sanchez Fornié, EDDIE Project Coordinator, outlined the main objectives of the project funded by the European Commission through ERASMUS Plus Program. The European Commission’s Research Executive Agency was represented in the meeting by the EDDIE’s project and legal officers.

The Consortium gathers 16 partners from 10 different EU countries, Romania, Spain, France, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Sweden, Belgium and Luxembourg, including universities, Energy Research Centers, Distribution Operators and energy stakeholders.
Each Partner has a clear role within the project as defined in the Grant Agreement. Activities are organized in 8 Work Packages (WP), each company assuming leadership in its area of expertise and interest. COMILLAS (Spain) is leading WP 1 on Management and Coordination of the project. WP2, WP3 and WP4 will assess an identification of current and future skill gaps in the Energy Sector, will create a Stakeholders map as a database of sector occupations and job profiles, with skills content analysis and also will address an evaluation of best practice at regional and national policies and initiatives for VET and also for academic level. Next work packages will focus on the development and implementation of the Blueprint for the Digitalization of the European Energy Sector, providing concrete examples of policies and initiatives at national and regional level aiming at addressing skills shortages and mismatches as well as fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships (e.g. between industry, social partners, education and training, public authorities). WP7 that is a cross-sectional WP of the Dissemination and Exploitation. It covers the dissemination activities during the project evolution, as well as the policy recommendations and exploitation results generated from WP5 and 6. Dissemination will take place in parallel to the other WPs with a strong focus on exploitation and sustainability of the project. A website will be set-up right from the beginning of the project ensuring dissemination, but also exchange and communication across Europe.